About the doctor

Dr Michelle Simmons Brown


Dr. Brown Is an Attorney and Acupuncture Physician, Licensed to practice law (Indiana only) and Oriental medicine and Acupuncture in both Indiana and Florida. She graduated from SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton, NY (1988), Thomas Cooley Law School, Lansing Michigan, (1992) and the Atlantic Institute for Oriental Medicine, Ft Lauderdale. FL (2011). She studied acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Suzhou China for 1.5 years (2006-2008) and NADA protocol at Brighton Hospital, Michigan, (2008) and is a certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist. Dr. Brown has a medical Clinic in Bonita Springs Florida where she practices Acupuncture, Injection therapy, homeopathic and herbal medicine, and essential oil application for wellness. 


 As an acupuncture patient and Essential Oil user, Dr. Brown has seen first-hand the benefits of alternative health care in treating illnesses and improving health and well-being. 

While living in China with her husband, she was able to explore her interest in acupuncture and oriental medicine by studying and training with China’s best-qualified Physicians and Acupuncturists. 

After returning home, Dr. Brown continued her education in acupuncture and has become proficient in the use of essential oils. Dr. Brown has written articles and teaches classes on alternative health care choices in both Florida and Indiana.